Rabu, 20 Jun 2012


Assalamualaikum semua =)...

Biar apa pun rasa dalam hati kita.. yakinlah bahawa..kita memiliki Dia , yang sentiasa bersama kita...

O Allah! I'm forever grateful to You
Whatever I say could never be enough
You gave me strength to overcome my uncertainties 
And stand firm against all the odds
You are the One
Who did revive my soul
You shone Your light into my heart
So pleasing You is now my only goal
Oh I love You so
I love You so

Now I know how it's like
To have Your precious love in my life
Now I know how it feels
To finally be at peace inside
I wish that everybody knew
How amazing it feels to love You
I wish that everyone could see
How Your love has set me free
Set me free and made me strong